Seaspray Australian Labradoodles



Here are some of dogs to show you the different coat types:

Straight Fleece Coat

Benson & Casey have straight Fleece Coats.


E'Clair & Corky have wavy fleece coats.

Erin & Corky have wavy fleece coats.



 As you will see with the next two coat types,

it is NOT the look that determines the Coat Type.

Instead, it is the FEEL of the coat itself

that will determine the Coat Type.


Above ~ The milk chocolate curly fleece is unclipped, and the apricot/red curly fleece is clipped.

Above ~ The Cream is an unclipped spiral wool coat; The Red is a clipped spiral wool coat; The Chalk is a an unclipped sprung wool coat; and the White is a sprung wool after clipping.


                                                              Above is Riley ~ Curly Fleece

If you look at Riley and                      Below is Kerri ~ Spiral Wool

Kerri you would think

they have the same type of coats ~

but they do not!

Truffles has a Spiral Wool Coat also

 Shedding and Allergies

1.  Shedding and Allergies:  There has been no definitive relationship established between shedding and allergy friendliness.


2.  Some people are allergic to dog saliva.   There is no documented difference between the saliva of the Labradoodle and any other dog breed.  If you are allergic to a dog’s saliva, you most likely will be allergic to all dogs ~ including an Australian Labradoodle


3.  Coat types and Allergies.  Labradoodles with hair textured coat are more likely to aggravate allergies than are Labradoodles with the Wool or true Fleece coat.


4.  Fleece coats are very rare in early generation Labradoodles. It is not impossible to get an occasional Fleece coat in an early generation Labradoodle but it is extremely rare to do so.


5.  Puppies which shed may also shed as adults.  However often these puppies do not shed as adults.


6.  Short wavy/wiry or hair coats will shed as adults.  This type of coat is extremely rare in a true Australian Labradoodle.


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